Fun stuff about Sam…

Some reviews of the Addams Family:

Review Quotes – 03/16/13
”As her masochistic little brother, Pugsley, Sam Primack holds his own as a performer, possessing a great voice and stage instincts himself.” – 02/27/13
”Giving a fun turn in smaller roles were Sam Primack as Pugsly, a young talent who had a brilliant opening scene…”

Democrat And Chronicle – 02/06/13
”…and torture-driven son Pugsley (a delightful Sam Primack in this performance).”

Here are some cool articles about Sam from here in AZ:

And also, his video that he and his voice teacher made that they sent in to The Addams Family (he had a bad cold and hates the video but I think it’s great.  Skip to the end for my favorite part: a clip from when he was Peter in Pinkalicious):




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